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Finding Wildlife in Shetland

Finding Wildlife in Shetland

Mon Feb 3, 2020

Nestled in the heart of Shetland, here at Herrislea House we can enjoy the best of the island’s nature. All within a short driving distance you can see birds, otters and seals.

Driving west from Tingwall you head towards ‘da Wastside’ of the island. The deep waters around Weisdale and Whiteness are home to otters – be sure to look for them at low tide. Shetland is home to Europe’s largest population of otters, so with some patience you might see one or two!

Shetland is world renowned for its diverse bird life; it really is an ornithologists utopia. Seabirds to spot include the Gannet, Razorbills, Fulmars and of course the iconic Puffin. One which is particularly abound is the Great Skua, or commonly known as a Bonxie. They have a propensity for dive bombing people who walk too close to their nests so be warned!

Seals are a common sight around the isles, and you’ll often see seals lying on the shore. They tend to favour the sheltered east coast of the isles, and sometimes seals will appear quite tame – probably from following local fishing boats in the hope of a treat or two!

Porpoises are often spotted around Bressay and in the Mousa Sound, as well as from the ferries to the outer isles. Usually in the summer months, you can spot these small creatures. You may also be lucky enough to see some of the larger whales such as Orcas or Minke around the Isles too.


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