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Shetland Fishing Holidays

Trout Fishing in Shetland

Fishing Holidays in ShetlandHoliday in Shetland with a fishing holiday. With over 350 well stocked lochs to choose from, Shetland has some of the best wild brown trout fishing in Britain.

Writer Jon Beer has enjoyed the rewarding experience first hand, and wrote about his first visit to Herrislea in an article entitled “Blue skies and trouser-eating dogs”, which appeared in the July 2000 issue of Trout and Salmon magazine, since then he has returned to Shetland many times and has featured Herrislea House, Gordon and more importantly the dog ‘Teal’ in many articles.

The hotel promotes and is keen to accommodate fishing holidays, in particular loch fishing, Gordon being a keen angler.

Fishing Holidays in ShetlandThey also have their own boat with which Gordon has taken fishermen on the ‘loch isle challenge’ – catch a trout in as many islands as possible in as short a time as possible.

The boat is ideal for short trips to see inaccessible places.

Gordon & Marjorie are delighted to share their knowledge of unspoilt places and offer more than a boat trip but a complete experience, to anyone who is looking to see more of our islands.

I love islands – especially islands with trout lochs – and Shetland is the best of these trouty islands. Even the Mainland is an island and there are trout lochs everywhere. We passed a couple of fine examples, Tingwall and Asta lochs, as soon as we left the hotel

“… There was a long, slow draw on the line as a fish took my fly in the depths. It was a better fish of 15 inches with a buttery belly and bold spots that leaked down to the tail. Even the little adipose fin got into the act with spots of the deepest red. It was noon and already we had caught two fish on two islands.”