Phoenix Restaurant

Pheonix RestaurantThe Phoenix Restaurant is open Monday to Thursday offering an a la carte with 4 to 6 choices on each course.  On Sunday we offer the traditional Sunday Roast in the evening,  usually including our own Shetland Lamb.   The restaurant opens at 6.30pm with the last table in at  8.45pm.. We grow our own Shetland Lamb and some Beef and this is supplemented with meat from Scalloway Meat Co.  Complement with local seafood from Blydoit Fish Shop also in Scalloway.

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Here is a sample of what’s on offer in the Phoenix Restaurant:


Auld Rock Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms filled with blue stilton and deep fried in batter made with Unst brew.

Mussels Mariniere
Plump local mussels, poached in white wine with onions and garlic

Prawn Tails
Locally caught king prawn pan-fried with garlic and ginger

Fish Cakes
Our small fish cakes made with fresh and smoked fish served with sweet chilli dip

Smokehouse Platter
Hot smoked salmon, gravadlax, smoked mackerel and sweet marinated herring from Shetland Smokehouse.

Pesto Bannocks
Our Shetland bannocks topped with tomato pesto & melted cheddar, garnished with salad with our honey mustard dressing

Main Courses

Lamb Tenderloin
Our own Shetland lamb fillet, pan-fried and served with a warm chestnut and tomato relish

Lemon Halibut
Fresh local fillet gently baked in lemon with Shetland butter

Scallop and Tarragon
Plump local scallops pan-fried with fresh tarragon in a creamy white wine sauce

Italian Chicken
Tender chicken breast with a classic pinenut stuffing in a creamy white wine and basil sauce

Ribeye Steak
Our own Shetland beef steak pan-fried with onions and mushrooms and an optional tangy cream sauce


Sticky Toffee Platter

Caribbean Bananas

Lemon Tart

Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

Medley of Ice Cream