Shetland Walking and Wildlife Holidays

Shetland WildlifeWhilst staying at Herrislea House Hotel on your Shetland holiday why not take in some of the spectacular wildlife to be seen on the Shetland Isles. Whether you like bird watching or would like to see a pod of Killer Whales they can be found on the Shetland Isles.

If its sea life that you want to see on your Shetland wildlife holiday then there are some animals to see that you might not even expect to see in the British Isles such as killer Whales (Orcas), Sea Otters, Bearded Seals, Porpoises, White Beaked Dolphins and even Humpbacked Whales. In fact 18 species of Whale can and has been seen in Shetland.

Shetland is world famous for its wildlife and is a paradise for twitchers, Seabird species are numerous, everything from gannets and fulmar petrels to skuas, divers and the iconic little puffins. Shetland is also famed as a place for twitchers to see rare an exotic vagrants, birds resting on migration and those that may have been blown off-course by the wind. All this means that Shetland is a great place for bird watching holidays.

Surprisingly no land mammals are native to the Shetland Isles, any that are there have been introduced by humans including otters and Shetland ponies.

Shetland is sparsely populated, somewhere around 34% of the Islands 22,000 people living in Lerwick and roughly 50% living within 10 miles of it. The remainder of the population live on scattered fishing villages and crofting townships, generally around the coast, so most of Shetland is deserted for most of the time which is great for wildlife.

So if you want to enjoy a Shetland wildlife holiday and enjoy all of this wonderful wildlife why not come and stay at Herrislea House Hotel.