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Shetland Tours

Shetland Tours

Sun Jul 28, 2019

A dear friend of ours here at Herrislea Hotel happens to be a tour guide! Lara is a wonderful tour guide and has taken us on some very interesting and informative walks and visits around the Isles. One of the most notable trips we had with Lara was on her birthday when we went to South Havera.

South Havera, a small isle off the south tip of Burra, is now uninhabited. In the 1800s there were as many as fifty families living there. Good soil and access to fishing all year round, meant that the small isle was a fruitful place to live.

However by the 1920s the last of the Havera folk left. Now the island is empty apart from birds, some caves and, rather unusually for Shetland, the remains of what was a working windmill. There was no running water on Havera which meant the locals had to build their own windmill. This also may suggest that there was some Dutch influence back in the dim past, which ties in with Shetland’s special relationship with the Hanseatic League in the 1700s. 

You can learn more about South Havera here

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