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Walking in Shetland - Fethaland

Walking in Shetland - Fethaland

Mon Aug 19, 2019

Located right at the northernmost tip, Fethaland is a fascinating place. Despite today’s remote walk, Fethaland used to be very busy as it was the main point for boats going to ‘da Haaf’ (deep sea fishing). The fishing station was established between the 15th and 16th centuries, and used to accommodate hundreds of workers and fishermen in the short season – from June to August – Fethaland was a hive of activity.

As we discovered, Fethaland has a much older history, with the remains of a prehistoric house found on the peninsula.

We would recommend any of our guests to take a trip to Fethaland – a true taste of Shetland remoteness.

We would be happy to help any of our guests discover some hidden gems, just ask at reception and we will be happy to help you explore any part of Shetland you like!Fethaland ruins

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