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Walking in Shetland - The Burn of Lunklet

Walking in Shetland - The Burn of Lunklet

Wed Apr 24, 2019

Walking in Shetland is magical at any time of the year. Large swathes of the island are unspoiled, and you can take your pick from any number of beaches, cliffs and voes.

Recently we visited the Burn of Lunket.  Located on ‘da Wastside’ of Shetland, just past the hamlet of East Burrafirth, you can walk to the waterfall at the head of the burn. We took Ayanna on her first walk there on a beautifully sunny day, and as you can see Teal enjoyed herself very much, with lots to sniff and explore!Burn of Lunklet

Speaking of exploring, we took a few turns from the beaten path and found some other wonderful paths to walk. We also found an old abandoned house which we had a look around in. It was fascinating to imagine who might have lived there, and what it would have been like living in such a remote place.



Old House




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